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    The iAM Classic Hip Hop Campaign is a movement birthed out of KLS Media Group, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009. Since its inception, the campaign has been dedicated to filling a void in the Hip Hop community desirous of an authentic Hip Hop lifestyle that resonates in the public and abroad. The goal of iAM Classic Hip Hop is to focus on identifying and solidifying an ever growing urban market that unabashedly has an affinity for classic hip hop music, arts, and culture. While major corporations, record labels, radio stations, and most marketing and management companies choose to cater to younger and uninformed listeners, we here at iAM Classic Hip Hop have chosen to pursue those savvy and enlightened enthusiasts desirous of feeling the nostalgia of times past and the possibility of bridging those sentiments to all four components of hip hop and the associations that may share certain likenesses from the culture at large.

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    Business Relations Partnerships, Affiliates, & Studio Rental Khalil (CEO) L.(GM & PD) Office: 404-704-0964